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Get access to 25+ handpicked expert holistic practitioners, mindset experts, nutritionists, Reiki specialists and more!

November 6th through November 17th, 2023

Our Expert Speakers Include...

Andrea Harrison

Founder of the H.E.R. Method

Anindita Rungta

AFMC Certified Practitioner

Carlien Hefer

Health and Wellness Coach

Christine Renee Clark

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

David Lyons

Founder of the
MS Fitness Challenge

Dorian Soanes

Registered Nutritionist

Dr. Gretchen Hawley

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Heidi Hackler

Functional Wellness Coach

Hope Pedraza

Human Design Guide

Jodie Campbell

Functional Medicine Coach

Dr. Kasia Hrecka

Founder of Nourish Up

Kelly Lutman

Health Coach

Lisa Jackson

Certified Functional Medicine Coach

Dr. Mark Su

Board Certified Family Physician

Matt Rowe

Certified Health Coach

Melissa Medeiros

Mental Health Specialist

Dr. Natasha Gallizzi

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Dr. Neil Nathan

Family Medicine and Pain Management

Nichole Kuechle

Foundational Medicine Practitioner

Rachael Smith

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Dr. Selvi Rengasami

Integrative Medicine Specialist

Shantel Ornelas

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

Simone Jamie

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Sue Ingebretson

The Symptom-Relief Author

Tori Trocki

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Hosted By:

Melissa Rose

Functional Medicine Practitioner

All of our speakers are actively empowering clients with sustainable resolutions for their autoimmune dis-ease .
Many of them have even healed themselves of their autoimmune issues.

From November 6th through November 17th you have an opportunity to lean into every speaker and their expertise. Hear how they have taken a fundamentally different approach that leads to real results and true healing.

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Our Intention

  • To help you explore the root cause of your autoimmune disease and discover solutions.

  • To help you find clarity around the options available for you.

  • For you to end this summit feeling empowered to take the next step on your recovery journey

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Each speaker's presentation will be available for 24 hours and every single one will be offering you a
complimentary gift, tool, handout or session, as well as their knowledge and guidance.

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If you cannot watch all the speakers you want within the 24 hours following each day's lineup, you may purchase the VIP package for $47 and watch every single speaker as many times as you want, forever.

You will hear from people who have researched and found solutions for wellness from Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, Cancer, Fibromyalgia and more and they are here to share the body, mind and soul techniques that systematically work for them, their loved ones and their clients.

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